The students and staff of the L’Abayee S.D.A. Primary School will be extremely grateful if you partner with us in sponsoring a child or two with tuition fees of $150.00 per term or $50.00 monthly.  Many of our families are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to meet their financial obligations.  Other parents would be grateful for transportation assistance of $60.00 monthly.  You can also sponsor lunch for a child at $40.00 per month.

If you are desirous of sponsoring a class, we welcome the idea.  The Lord has blessed you and you feel impress to undertake a tiling project for a class, don’t hesitate to call me.  Your contribution will go a long way in assisting our children, the future leaders of tomorrow. 

Contribution in any category is an investment in a child’s life and is accompanied with great blessings/dividends from God. 

Cheques can be written to the L’Abayee S.D.A. Primary School or you may call the principal at Tel nos. 1758 – 520 – 1473 (c) or 451 – 0528 (w) for cash payment or contribution.

Thank you in advance as we do all we can to make our school financially viable.